Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July!!

Happy Independence Day!!!

We had a GREAT 4th of July! My mom and sister drove up for a couple days to visit so we decided to go spend a few hours at the Cameron Park Zoo here in Waco. We thought it would be crowded since so many people have off on the 4th, but turns out we were very wrong. It wasn't crowded at.all. It was perfect! Maddie enjoyed showing off some of her new walking skills, which meant we spent much of the zoo going at a 1 year olds pace (and not the pace where they take off running in all directions, the pace where they stagger often and still like to hold your hand.) Small steps aside, we still had a wonderful time!

After the zoo we did the American thing and grilled hamburgers! And by "we" I mean Brent. Us girls just sat in the nice air-conditioning and chatted...I mean that's a guy thing anyway, right?! :) Of course they were delicious, but that also meant it was time for my mom and sis to head home. *tear*

After a couple hours of laying around rest, we headed over to Brent's parent's house for BBQ, hot-tubbing and fireworks! Maddie was especially fond of the beans, which she sounded off about at the dinner table (if you know what I mean). She LOVED the hot tub, and don't worry all you worriers out there, we did NOT have it hot. It was basically a giant bath tub to her, and she did not want to get out. What we were most nervous about, simply because of the noise, was the fireworks, but Maddie thoroughly enjoyed them!! I covered her ears during the loud ones, but at one point she pushed my hand aside and didn't flinch once at the loud bangs. She's such an American!! ;)

Well, that was our day. We got to spend it with lots of good family, food and fireworks! Just perfect!

We hope you all had a wonderful day as well and never forget the reason we have our independence. Thank you to all who served in the past and serve today to make sure we have the freedoms we have. You are truly appreciated!

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