Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Reid {7 & 8 Months!}

Dear Reid,

I am so sorry this post is so late! You are already 8 months old, and I just can't believe it! It seems like time has started speeding up on me, and, well, I just don't think I'm ok with that! Time, I'm really going to need you to slow down. Thanks!
Can you tell how much you are growing?! It is simply crazy! I guess it's a good survival technique because your big sister can be quite the wrestler. Problem is every time we get on to her for being rough, you start laughing, so I guess there's not too much we can say. Y'all have fun and just try not to get hurt too bad! ;)
You are quite the busy-body. Staying in one place just wasn't good enough for you so you decided it was time to start crawling! You started crawling about a week after you turned 7 months old. I guess you figured where Maddie went, you needed to go to, too! We were relieved at first because we thought it would ease some of your frustrations. You had been wanting to crawl soooo badly for soooo long. Only thing was, the day you started crawling was the day you decided it was time to walk! You were not so happy to find out walking is slightly more difficult. Slow down there, Little Buddy!
You are such a curious little boy. I'm not sure if I've already posted about this but one thing that cracks us up is how animal-like you are. You LOVE shoes, and not in a girly way, in a hmm-I-wonder-what-the-bottom-of-this-nasty-shoe-tastes-like way! I'm serious; you even hunt them down when we think they are completely out of sight. You also like to pull up on the furniture, but not just to practice your football stance, to check out what the knobs or pillows taste like. To say everything goes into your mouth is a serious understatement! And yes- in the above picture, you tasted that sticker, just to get to know it better I guess.
Here are your eight month pictures! It is so amazing watching your little personality coming through. You are sweet, lovable, demanding and destructive...the perfect combination for an adorable baby boy! ;) You are getting soooooooo active. I tried to keep you contained to the bear for your pictures and you basically laughed in my face. We had a talk about being nice to Mommy, but I'm not sure you got the point.
Here you are trying to escape, as you did every. single. time I put you in the bear's lap. Now that you are a master crawler and climber, I guess you think you thinking sitting still is pretty lame. Agreed.
You did appease me by climbing up the bear and attacking its face with kisses, which by the way are so sweet and slobbery! No matter the drool, I love being loved by you!!
You, my sweet Reid, are so much fun and oh so happy! We are so beyond blessed by God to have you in our family. I can't get enough of your smile, your laughter, your scrunchie-nose face, your slobber kisses and your sweet sweet cuddles!

We love you bunches!