Friday, April 8, 2011

Prayers for Educators

So today was a bitter sweet day. Bitter because 200 teachers in my district lost their jobs today for the next school year. Bitter because I simply can't understand how our country can afford to lend out so much money to other countries when we are obviously struggling and in debt ourselves; as much as I love my neighbor, I cannot buy him dinner if I have no money to feed my own children. Bitter because we are told if we go to college and choose a career to build a better life for ourselves instead of living off the government or the working class, we will lead happy, healthy lives. Bitter because I cannot bare to celebrate my renewed contract knowing so many out there had to face anger and disappointment knowing they have worked so hard all year, outshined so many, touched the lives of so many children, were a positive influence and role model every day at school just to find out they will not be offered a job simply because we are out of money.

I was fortunately saved because I work at a Montessori school in our district, and they have invested too much money to have us trained over the last couple of years to let us of now. Please pray for the many, many teachers out there who are facing terrible news today and in the near future. Pray for our children who are not going to get as solid of an education with class sizes going up so high next year. Pray for the administrators who may be cut if school enrollment is not high enough. And finally, pray for our country who has truly lost sight of the American Dream. We are obviously doing something very wrong to be in this position, and our future looks quite dim if things do not change fast!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

From Baby Food To Party Favors

My mom decided that she wanted to set up a candy table at the baby shower she is hosting for me in May. We wanted to have something cute for people to put their candy in that could also serve as the party favors. Here's when project "Can I please help make the favors?" comes into play! As you may have figured out already, I LOVE making crafts, so while some may think spending my spring break painting, gluing, and working practically nonstop does not seem very break-like, I loved every minute of it!!

If you like the idea, here's how we made them!

What you'll need...
* Large jars of baby food
* Spray Paint
* Scrapbook paper
* Punches
* Ribbon
* Labels (2x4)
* 3D stickers with your letter of choice
* Glue Dots (Regular and 3D)

Here's what you do...

1. Empty all the baby food jars. It would be nice if there was a way to NOT waste the baby food, (feed to a baby, coax someone to eat some for you, use jars that are already empty, etc) but you may end up just throwing a lot of it away. :(  We bought lots of fruit kinds, so though it may not have been the dessert he was looking for, my step-dad cleared a jar with a smile on his face!
What he didn't eat (which was everything else but that one jar) we put in tupperware; we couldn't bare to see it go down the sink!

2. Remove all the labels. You don't have to worry about little pieces that stick to the glue, the rest will come off when you wash them.

3. Rinse out what's left in the jars and run them all through the dishwasher. Your guests will thank you for that later. :)

4. Make sure the lids are completely dry, and take them outside to spray paint. They will probably need a couple coats.

5. While the lids are drying, punch out whatever you would like to put on the top of the lids. I used a scalloped punch and brown scrapbook paper for the background, and a heart punch with pink scrapbook paper for behind the "M".

6. Once lids are dry, create your embellishment for the top of the lid as follows:

7. Create a label for the jar. I just used a label template with 2x4 shipping labels in Microsoft Word and printed them out. Stick labels to jars- make sure to cover any glue residue still left on the jars, and then tie ribbon around neck of the jar.

8. Attach the lid, and your very cute party favors are complete!

I can't wait to use them and make them again for another baby shower!! :)