Saturday, September 18, 2010

Super Hero?

So this week at school we had our bi-annual Book Fair. We wanted to make this the BEST Book Fair ever, so our librarian created events for each day of the week under the theme, "Reading Saves the Day!" (sounds super-heroish, right?) On Monday, we decorated our door, and though we did not win the contest *tear* I still think ours was the best (a little biased, perhaps!) I don't have a picture of it yet, but I'll get one. The title was "Our Reading Super-Heroes," and the kids drew pictures of super heroes with reading sayings like "Everyone can read if u believe" and such. I had some of them popping out in 3D to add effect. 3D was made by rolling index cards and taping them to the backs of the paper. Very easy and very cool effect! Tuesday was Open House and a late shopping night for parents. Wednesday was grandparents day where we invited parents and grandparents to have lunch with their children and then go shopping at the Book Fair. Thursday was community heroes day, where we got to meet some great local heroes. And then came Friday. The day we (Lisa W, Lisa H, Jessica, and I had been waiting for all week!!) It was hero day, which we turned into Super-Hero day! We were asked to dress up as a hero. We creatively turned that into dress up as a super-hero and made ourselves super-teachers. (Could be considered a bit egotistical, but we wanted to have fun with it.)

Every part of our outfit besides the shoes were hand-made! The mask was cut out of sequin material. As was the Super T for the back (which was glued on with patch attack glue) The cape was sewn by the wonderfully talented Lisa H (I was excited enough just to sew my elastic strip together which thankfully did not bust by the end of the day.) The tutu was made by tying tulle in knots around an elastic band. It took a couple hours but was EXTREMELY easy...a child could do it ("hint hint"). The T-Shirt was made using iron on letters. We added AVM to our sleeves (for Alta Vista Montessori) to make it into a school spirit shirt that we can hopefully wear more often! The process took a few nights after school, but the outcome was more than worth it! The kids absolutely LOVED it, and yes, we taught in the WHOLE get-up ALL day!!

By the way, we ended up selling over $5,000- our BEST Book Fair ever in the history of Alta Vista!! We are a SUPER-school!

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