Monday, September 2, 2013

4 Month Comparison

For no other reason than to just take a look back at Maddie and to compare how her and Reid are both similar and unique, here's how they measured up at their 4 month check-ups...
Maddie: 12.9 lbs & 24 1/2" long
Reid: 15.9 lbs & 25 1/2" long

Look soooooo much alike!!

Reid {4 Months!}

Dear Baby Boy,

You are continuing to grow super fast...even though we've talked several times about how I'd like you to slow down a bit! ;) I think you are convinced that you are older than 4 months because you are constantly trying to stand up, hold your bottle and eat like a 4 year old! Some say "chunky" we say "healthy."
That smile is so precious, and thankfully you like to show it off all. the. time. You are such a happy and loveable baby! Hearing you laugh is one of the best sounds in the world, and it is so easy to get you to do it. You especially like to watch your Big Sister and crack up at her, even if she's just sitting there. I guess you kind of like her, and she kind of likes you back! Ok, let's be guys LOVE each other tons already!!
You are steadily growing. At your 4 month check-up you were 25 1/2" long and 15.9 lbs! So, you are on the tall side and of average weight. That means you are free to keep sucking down those bottles as much as you'd like!!
You have been doing very well with your tummy time, but especially love to show of your legs muscles by standing up. You're going to be walking before we know it! Seriously. Slow down.
You are really starting to take on your own looks and personality! It is so fun to watch you learn and grow every day. It seems like you have my eyes, versus Maddie, who has Daddy's. It's funny how even though you guys look so much alike, you still have your own unique qualities shining through. Your eyes, for one, I think are going to turn brown. They are much darker than your sister's were, who's are blue.
So that's been your month in a nut shell. I did have to start back to work this past month, and it was quite hard leaving you and Madison. I'm so glad to know you are in such good hands! I love you so so much, and I'm looking forward to seeing you continue to grow and learn.

Hugs and kisses!!
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