Monday, July 30, 2012

Oklahoma {Full Length Version}

As you know from yesterday, we just got home from a short trip to Oklahoma. We have been going and going but I have to give lots of kudos to Maddie, who has been a wonderful traveler!!

We headed up there Friday morning and came back home Sunday night- like I said..short! :( We wanted to spend more time there but I recently got a new position with my school district and have to go back to work 2 weeks early. Yay on promotion, boo on going back early! That meant we had a lot of plans to squeeze into a short amount of time, so we loaded up the car and headed north asap!!

Here's our happy little traveler on our way up, well, technically at a pit stop...
Our family lives on a farm and anyone who knows Maddie knows she is one outside girl! She LOVES being outside and LOVES animals, so seeing as how she got to go visit 2 horses, 2 dogs and 3 goats, this chick was overjoyed!
While we were there I decided to put on Maddie's boots and take a few snapshots...still trying to practice my photography skillz (notice the z not the s. I'm not sure I quite have "skills" yet...still working on them!) ;)
She looks so grown up to me! She only let me take pictures for about 6 minutes, but at least I was able to get a few cute ones!!
And a few last shots visting family...
We love you all and can't wait for our next trip!! BIG shout out to Aunt Gelly for helping with Maddie, not sure I could have made all those driving hours without a little back up!

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Well, we are back home from a short but fun trip to Oklahoma to visit family! I'll post more pics tomorrow, but here's a snapshot of Maddie loving on her Aunt Lucielle and G.G!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fun at the Lake!

What to do on a hot summer day? Wait for it to cool off...then go to the lake, of course!

It was Maddie's first time to go cruising on the boat, and she even did a little lake swimming! Daddy is determined to turn her into a fish! She was not a huge fan of the life jacket, but she at least tolerated it...such a trooper!

How is everyone else cooling off this summer?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Pinterest Party!!

Are you a Pinterest addict? Then you would have L.O.V.E.D. this party! :) Needless to say, I am overly addicted to Pinterest. Like to the point where I literally flood people's entire "following" page with pin after pin after pin from just me- you're welcome sorry about that. Unfortunately, avid pinning does not always pair up with avid doing. So, with that in mind I decided to have a Pinterest Party (Pinterest=love, Party=love...winning combination!)

So here was the invitation:
"Hey Ladies and Pinterest Addicts...we are giong to do Ladies' Night Pinterest-style! Choose 1 craft you've been dying to try and gather enough materials for you and 2 friends to make it. Then come to my house on July 12 @ 6:30 with your materials and a Pinterest snack to share. You will leave having made 3 projects and enjoyed some killer company!! :) Also, everyone bring an old tshirt! I've been dying to try the 'turn your tshirt into a workout tank' one."

On the day of the party, everyone showed up with snacks (we had an amazing assortment of dips, no diet today!)
We ate dinner and then started crafting!!!

The organization of the night was basically let's try this and if it doesn't work we'll do it differently next time. Everyone put their name in a jar 2 times- remember we brought materials for 2 other people to make our craft. You started on your craft. Once you finished you drew a name from the jar- that was your next project. When done with that one, you drew another name- that was your 3rd project!

It was a BLAST! Even people who wouldn't consider themselves as "crafty" had a great time because they got to try things they never would have done before!!

Here are some of our crafters at work:

So, I am about to show some of the projects that worked and some that didn't work. This is not to say that the actual "pin" doesn't work, it just failed for us that night. Sadly, I also have to admit I only got pictures of about 1/2 the projects. Oh well, that's what I get for doing more crafting and less picture taking! ;)

SUCCESS Stories:

Here was a "hurry up and find a craft because one of them didn't work" idea that I threw together with some magnets and some corks I had been saving.
Cut the cork, hot glue a magent on the back. Done and Love!

Moscato Cupcakes (I've decided I'm just no good at made-from-scratch...I'll be sticking with boxed sweets) and Glasses Made From Bottles (We couldn't get the string to stay or get hot enough to break the glass.)

Only 2 fails is pretty good in my book!

We also all did the tshirt turned tank top- I LOVE mine! It was SO easy I'll be making many more!! No "before" shot, but you can imagine what it looked like as a tshirt...

We all had a great time crafting!! I do have a disclaimer though- Beware of the hot glue gun! It is HOT!!! No one knew it at the time because my mom is such an introvert but she burned the *shut the front door* out of ther thumb- OUCH!
(Sorry Mom, I couldn't leave this out...It was for the good of the people! ;) xoxo)

I hope you got a great idea for your next Ladies' Night!! The general consensus from our group was this is a MUST for every holiday and any other night we want to get together! What I learned from the first try- either cut it down to only completing 2 crafts for the night or be prepared to stay late. People who finished all projects left around 9:45ish! That being said, we did spend a while chatting- surprising, I know! ;)

Happy pinning and happy crafting!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Til Next Time"

A sad goodbye til-next-time took place today...
One of my very best friends moved back home to Ohio today. Her life took some unexpected turns, and they decided it was time to move back and be close to her mother. Her reasons are undeniable, but the space that will now be between us still makes me a bit teary-eyed. We both did good keeping our emotions in check, but I have to admit I've been letting some tears go here and there throughout the day. Sorry Lisa, I know we were trying hard to keep our cool!

So Maddie and I dropped her off at the airport after spending one last till-next-time day together.

So here are some of my memories in words and pictures that some of you may not understand but are helping my emotional stability. ;)
Lisa, I love you because...
- Our first year as Montessori teachers
- Yoshi and the "tootsie roll"
- The car wasn't quite big enough:
Me- "Are you gonna need help with that"
You- "Nah, I got it"
Me- Drives by and sees this. Almost pees pants laughing.
- We were both Bearkats (No..I spelled it right!)
- Our hatred for running- like so much so it would be murdered, if it weren't illegal...and impossible.
- M'Lissa's wedding pictures (No we weren't)
- Eskimo Hut:
You were so excited you literally cried.
- Super Teachers!
- Having so many phone calls that our husbands, ATT and Verizon all cut us off!
- Turning on my love for wine
- Hippodrome and the Potter's House
- Speaking of...laughing at EXTREMELY inappropriate times
- TFing and my mom having to help keep you "put away" at Miranda Lambert:
- "Um, will you be mad if we don't see the movie?"
- Not sleeping a bit when I was in labor because you were afraid to miss my phone call
- Being an amazing Godmother:
- Girl's Weekend and mastering our photography skillzzz
- All the unmentionables of our classes that caused us to have to go to church more ;)
- Manis and pedis
- Numerous "huh?"s  because of ATT not letting my texts through- there is seriously a conspiracy going on over there!
- The touche/touch confusion (dang it, I can't get the little thingy over the e)
- Promising not to tell secrets
- The Bonfire and how pretty the fog looked coming off the ground uh, lake that we almost drove in to!
- Morning breakfasts
- Toes to Bar (or the "other" to bar, depending on your level of difficulty)
- And many, many other memories that bring a smile to my face

God blessed me abundantly by crossing our paths in little ol' Waco, TX. You are truly like a sister to me. All the ups, downs and turnarounds we have been through were better because we went through them together, one way or another. You are honest, loving, compassionate and freakin' hilarious!! Thanks for being an AMAZING friend! I can't wait to see what memories God is already creating for our future- hold on, this could get dangerous!!

Til Next Time....

Monday, July 16, 2012

Maddie's {belated} One Year Post

(before we begin, I need everyone to repeat after me- today is May 28th. Ok, now you may read) :)

Dear Maddie,

I'm not sure I can get this out through the are. one. year. old! *sniff*sniff* I simply cannot fathom how time has flown by so fast. I see newborns and can hardly even remember you being as tiny as they are and it was only 12 months ago. How is that even possible?! I also can't wrap my mind around how much fun we have had with you in just a single year and how much we love you. I simply look at you and my heart melts!
You have the most contagious smile, the most heavenly laugh and the happiest personality. People love being around you because you just shine! Your beautiful blue eyes catch people's attention, and then you flash that adorable toothy (6 to be exact) grin. People can't help but smile when they see you. (Yes, mommy and daddy are already planning how we are going to keep the boys away!!)
At your 12 month check up you rang in at 19.8 pounds (just shy of being able to be forward facing in the car- sad day) and 28 3/4 inches long. The doctor said you will probably be hitting a growth spurt soon, which would match up with your current eating habits! Speaking of eating, in case one day you decide to try out being picky, I need to document some of the foods you can't get enough of- tomatoes, avocado, asparagus, spinach artichoke dip, peas, broccoli rice casserole, strawberries, etc. What don't you like, you ask? I have no idea- we haven't found it yet!
As you can tell in these pictures (which I took in my very first "photo shoot,") you are very photogenic. You are so easy to make smile!! I guess you must love us almost as much as we love you! So, some things you are up are really trying to get better at walking. You walk along furniture and while holding our hands, but haven't quite ventured out on your own (I sense it coming very soon!) You love to "wrestle" and by that I mean you basically just crawl all over whoever's face is on the floor with you- I won't lie, we are all very scared of having your diaper literally ON our face, so you win every time!
To say that you are curious would be an understatement. You are such an observer of people and things. Once you've taken it all in, you go into ultra hands-on and in-mouth discovery mode. Notice above you decided to find out what a flower tasted like. Maddie- 1 Flower- 0. You also love "unloading" just about any basket, drawer, or organization of any kind. If it's put away, you see to it that it is taken apart! I literally pick up one area while you are destroying another (welcome to toddlerhood, mama!)
You have gradually gotten more and more vocal. You can say mama, doggie, cracker (which is your favorite food of all time,) ba-ba (bottle), ball-ball (which sounds very much like ba-ba and leads to a few breakdowns every now and then,) and we've caught a dada in there a couple times. You understand so so much, it's hard for us to keep from turning you into a circus show. "Show us your toes! Yay, good girl! Ok, where's your head? Yay, Maddie!" You aren't nearly as amused as we are sometimes, sorry baby girl!
Thank you for the best year of our lives, sweet girl! You are loved by so many people, but loved the most by your mommy and daddy! We can't imagine life without you and can hardly remember days before you joined our family. God truly blessed us beyond measure!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Show Us Your Life {Bathrooms}

So awhile back I did a couple posts for "Show Us Your Life" at Kelly's Korner and then I kind of went MIA in the blog world. Now I'm back writing blog posts with a curious 13 month old on my lap who loves to "help" me type. Please excuse her spelling mistakes! ;)

This week is SUYL- Bathrooms. After we bought our house, we wanted to update it a bit. I say "we" but it was mostly just "me" and my obsessive love for decorating! I had always wanted to blog about the changes we made but never did, so here's my chance to show you what we did with our guest and master bathrooms.

Our guest room is also the baby's bathroom, so it's a never ending battle to keep it presentable. In my future Barbie Dream House I'd like a separate bathroom for guests- Kids Keep Out! But back to today's reality.... Here's how the bathroom looked right before we moved in:
Not quite my style. I decided to put to use some of the things from my old apartment (less to go out and buy), so we went with a red bathroom! I {heart} red!!!

At first, I didn't quite like the lighting, and though it's still not the best as far as brightness goes, I was excited to get to throw in some more red paint for a little something extra near the ceiling.
And to prove that it really is the baby's bathroom...

Next up is the master bathroom. Once I started taking pictures for this post, I realized there are a few more touches I'd like to do. I think the area by the tub would be a perfect place to make a little more inviting, and I definitely need to add a window treatment!

First the before shot:
Because our Master Bathroom is off of our Master Bedroom, we wanted the two to match. In our room all the walls expect one is light blue while the remaining accent wall is brown. I was told when I started decorating, I couldn't pick anything girly or with anything that resembled flowers in any way. So needless to say, this wallpaper had to go. We did the opposite in the bathroom- everything brown, accenting with light blue. It sounds like it would be very dark, but because we have a skylight, it's so bright you hardly ever even have to turn the light on.
{window treatment needed ASAP}

Probably my favorite part of our bathroom is the "His" and "Hers" vinyl on the closet doors. I just think its so fun and something you don't usually see.

So, these probably aren't the most photographed rooms of the house, but it's nice to get to relive the transformations!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Seuss-tastic Baby Shower

My best friend from high school, Mollye, was having a baby, (I say "was" because she just had it last week- yay!) so I threw her a baby shower! The gender was going to be a surprise so she's been decorating using a Dr. Seuss theme- adorable!!

Imagine my horrified surprise when I realized I had not taken any pictures and the food had already been dug in to! OH NO is right!! So if you see things missing, that's because people ate my decorations- yes...I consider food a huge part of the party planning "art"! hehe

Here are the invitations I made. I wanted them to look like a book and rhyme, since that's the essence of Dr. Seuss and all! Some of the rhymes I got using ideas from the internet and others I made up. I LOVE how they turned out!!

Here are a few shots of the party....
The cupcakes and cake were adorable!! Mollye's mom-in-law and sis-in-law were in charge of food and rocked it! They made half the cupcakes to look like Thing 1 and Thing 2 by putting blue cotton candy on the tops of them, but by the time I took the pics they had deflated. :( Fortunately, they still looked super cute!
If you noticed the huge Dr. Seuss hat in the background and thought, "Wow, that girl is certifiably insane about throwing parties," you'd be right, BUT I did not make that hat. I borrowed it from my school. We did the play "Seussical, Jr." and I thought, what's a Dr. Seuss party without an obnoxiously big Cat-in-the-Hat Hat?! :)
I kept seeing the idea for a Create-a-Onesie station on people's blogs, so when Mollye's friend Lee-Anna mentioned doing one, I was all about it! She brought the supplies and that seriously professional adorable looking onesie above! People had a GREAT time doing these...I think this might be a staple in all the baby showers I throw from now on!
I've seen the photo prop idea done a few different ways, one being at my own shower that my friend Sarah threw for me, and thought it would be a cute way to throw in some more Seuss-y stuff!
And finally, here is me with the (now) mommy, Mollye! The gifts above my mom, sister and I made for her were 2 fold- one said "Soon to be Mommy's Favorites" which contained boobie pads (as I like to call them), a paci clip and a Diaper Genie refill pack, while the "Maddie's Favorites for Baby Reese" contained Maddie's favorite toys- an elephant teether, a musical MP3ish player and those mesh teether things that you can put fruit and stuff in. I thought it would be fun to pass on our favorites to them.

Hope you enjoyed and maybe got some cute ideas! :)