Sunday, November 3, 2013

Reid {6 months}

Dear Reid,

Man, time is simply flying by!! I cannot believe that you are already a half a year old! CRAZINESS! We are having so much fun with you and your simply sweet and lovable personality. You are such a blessing to our family!
You are continuing to grow and grow. At your 6th month appointment you weighed in at 18 pounds and measured 26 1/4" long! I guess we aren't going to have a problem with you hitting the 20 pound mark when you turn 1. It appears you are bound and determined to beat Maddie at growing! ;)
You are really starting to jibber jabber. It cracks me up when you are upset, but you aren't quite crying. You just start talking in an angry'd probably get in trouble for talking to us that way if we had any idea what you were saying. Most of the time though, we get to enjoy you just telling stories and laughing.
You love to eat fruits and veggies, which is apparent from your previous measurements and have actually started getting bored with your bottle. You have been eating about a jar in a half to 2 jars of food a day, but the doc gave us the go ahead to move you to 3 jars a day. I think I heard you let out a shriek of joy when she told us that! ;)
You are so so playful and want so badly to start crawling. You try constantly which usually leads to a carpet face-plant and a few frustrated cries. No worries,'ll get there in no time!
Thank you so much for letting us love you! We have had so much fun with you! Lots of hugs and kisses!!!


Reid {5 Months!}

*We are all pretending this was posted a month ago. Thank you for your cooperation!* ;-)
Dear Reid,

You are growing up so fast! 5 months have sped by, and you have completely won over our hearts. You even have Maddie hooked!! She loves you so much, and you absolutely adore her! You even tend to get really cranky when she leaves the room.
You are still such a happy baby! You love to smile at just about anyone who gives you attention, and you love to laugh (we love it too!) I could listen to the sound of your laughter all. day. long! If I could set my alarm with the sound of yours and Maddie's laughter, I would wake up in a good mood every day!
Photo shoots are starting to get harder, especially if Maddie is in the room. You just stare at her no matter what kind of goofy sounds or faces I'm making. I see you've already set your priorities. :-P
You are starting to get more and more active. You do great at tummy time and are trying really hard to hold your bottle. Just a few more muscles and you'll be able to in no time. You are also great at sitting up. Every now and then you take a tumble (or are victim of a little love push from your sister) but once we set you back up you go right back to playing.
You are eating cereal, fruits and veggies very well. You don't care too much for green beans right now, but we'll try them again later. We're praying you're not a picky eater...which according to your current roll count, it's looking like our prayers will be answered. ;)

We love you so much baby boy! I can't to see what you'll be up to next month!


Monday, September 2, 2013

4 Month Comparison

For no other reason than to just take a look back at Maddie and to compare how her and Reid are both similar and unique, here's how they measured up at their 4 month check-ups...
Maddie: 12.9 lbs & 24 1/2" long
Reid: 15.9 lbs & 25 1/2" long

Look soooooo much alike!!

Reid {4 Months!}

Dear Baby Boy,

You are continuing to grow super fast...even though we've talked several times about how I'd like you to slow down a bit! ;) I think you are convinced that you are older than 4 months because you are constantly trying to stand up, hold your bottle and eat like a 4 year old! Some say "chunky" we say "healthy."
That smile is so precious, and thankfully you like to show it off all. the. time. You are such a happy and loveable baby! Hearing you laugh is one of the best sounds in the world, and it is so easy to get you to do it. You especially like to watch your Big Sister and crack up at her, even if she's just sitting there. I guess you kind of like her, and she kind of likes you back! Ok, let's be guys LOVE each other tons already!!
You are steadily growing. At your 4 month check-up you were 25 1/2" long and 15.9 lbs! So, you are on the tall side and of average weight. That means you are free to keep sucking down those bottles as much as you'd like!!
You have been doing very well with your tummy time, but especially love to show of your legs muscles by standing up. You're going to be walking before we know it! Seriously. Slow down.
You are really starting to take on your own looks and personality! It is so fun to watch you learn and grow every day. It seems like you have my eyes, versus Maddie, who has Daddy's. It's funny how even though you guys look so much alike, you still have your own unique qualities shining through. Your eyes, for one, I think are going to turn brown. They are much darker than your sister's were, who's are blue.
So that's been your month in a nut shell. I did have to start back to work this past month, and it was quite hard leaving you and Madison. I'm so glad to know you are in such good hands! I love you so so much, and I'm looking forward to seeing you continue to grow and learn.

Hugs and kisses!!
<3 p="">Mommy

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Reid's Sip 'n See

Like I said in my 100th post, I have a lot of catching up to do! My goal is to be all semi (let's be honest) caught up by the time I go back to work. First on my "To Blog" list is Reid's Sip 'n See that we had back in May.

I first heard about Sip 'n Sees from my friend Sarah and hosted one for her about 3 years ago. Basically, a Sip 'n See is a baby shower post-pregnancy, so people get to come and meet the baby. I have actually come to LOVE these, possibly more than traditional showers, because there are so many people that I get to see at the baby shower, but then it takes so long for me to meet up with them again to introduce the baby. At a Sip 'n See you get the best of both worlds- Baby Shower Food Fun (no, I'm not addicted to cupcakes) and the Ooo's and Ahh's of seeing a baby!

So, now that you've had your Sip 'n See 101 lesson, let's get to the pictures!! :)
Because my mom knows my addiction to crafting, she was kind enough to let me create the invite, cupcake toppers, water bottle labels and favor jars. She also let me help decorate on the day of, which of course makes my Decorator-At-Heart Heart happy!
Our family has, since my wedding, become addicted to candy tables. You might say we have a slight sweet tooth and you'd be wrong. We have a SERIOUS sweet tooth! We HEART candy tables, and pretty much any event you attend from now until forever will likely have warned!

For favors we decided to use the candy from the candy table, so we created these super cute jars that say "Thank you for coming to meet Baby Reid" on the top. They were so cheap ($1 at the Dollar Tree), super easy and very cute!
I loved getting to introduce Reid to all of our family and friends! We were so blessed to have many people who drove in from long distances to see him, and us, but mostly him. We love you and thank you so much for coming!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Reid {3 Months!}

Dear Reid,
Time continues to fly by with you in our family, baby boy! As you can tell by your picture, you are growing fast and LOVE to smile! We are all having so much fun with you!!
This month you have slowed down a bit on the chowing down. You still don't skip any meals, but now you at least seem to actually get full. If you look closely you can see your cute little rolls muscles that tell us you are nice and healthy!!
You absolutely love to smile. Pretty much anyone can get you smiling just by talking to you, but we have recently discovered that fake sneezes almost make you giggle! I bet we are going to hear the beautiful sound of laughter coming from you in no time.
You are quite the social butterfly already. You don't care much for laying on your back or stomach. You want to be up facing the world. If you get fussy, I usually can just turn you facing out, and you calm down almost immediately. Even sitting in a reclining position isn't always good enough. You are constantly pushing your head forward (which you have excellent control over) to try to sit up all the way. We've started putting you in your Bumbo seat already because you just love to sit up and see everyone.
I guess you are going to be popping out a tooth fairly soon, because you have gone into full on teething this past week. You pretty much have every symptom including wanting some serious snuggle time with Mama! (I don't mind a bit!) I wonder how much longer we'll get to have that adorable gummy grin?
That's about all for this month. You continue to make our days fun and exciting. We all love you so much, including your sister. You still top the charts on who gets the most kisses from her! Love you, little buddy...bring on month 4!


Thursday, July 18, 2013

100th Post!

Well, I haven't been the world's best blogger by any means, but I guess I haven't been too bad. This post is my 100th blog post! WOW! If you have been with me since the beginning I hope I haven't bored you to death! The majority of my posts are about my family and kids, and I hope you don't mind. Though if you do, sorry, I'm not likely to change for the next hundred- just to warn ya!

I've been doing a crazy amount of crafts lately, so hopefully I'll be able to get a few of those up. I also need to post about Reid's Sip 'n See, Maddie's 2nd Birthday Party and our recent trip to St. Louis, but this post shouldn't be about what I need to do, it should be a mark of what I HAVE done!

Thank you for sticking with me and keeping up with our beautiful family! We are blessed beyond measure, and just when we think we have enough, God gives us more! So to commemorate 100 blog posts and a new upcoming family adventure, I will announce that we are officially LAND OWNERS!! We now have 8.35 acres in our name in Robinson, TX! We are so excited and can't wait to start the building process- which has a time table yet to be decided. ;)

Here's to another 100 posts...just don't hold your breath for the next one. I am still the author, after all. Love you guys!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Reid {2 Months!}

Dear Reid,

All of a sudden you have become 2 months old! I swear it happened over night! We are having an absolute blast with you, and now that you sport that adorable grin, I'm guessing you are having a great time with us as well!!
You are so strong these days. You've got a grip like a Grygar holding on to a $100 bill! ;) Sometimes you pretend you can hold your own bottle, but thankfully you still need me around for a few things. FYI- you may NOT grow up that fast!!
You are growing so so fast! I wonder if you're slightly fearful for your life with your ultra snuggly sister around squishing you to death giving you lots of hugs. No worries, though. You just might pass her up before you guys start preschool! We took you in for your 2 month check up and you have already doubled your birth weight plus some. You are at a healthy 13 pounds- baby don't miss a meal!! Literally. You never miss a meal.
You are getting nice and tall too. You've grown to 23 inches long! Length wise, you already fill out most of your 0-3 month clothes! Slow down, buddy! I've still got some cute outfits for you to wear!
You are such a happy baby. As you can tell from these pictures, it's not very hard to get you to smile. I put you down on your bear to take pictures and you were cheesing pretty much the entire time! Every smile melts my heart! You've even started making those cute little cooing sounds like you're trying to tell me a story. I can't wait to hear them, just might take a little while longer.
I had to include this picture because Madison insisted on being a part of the photo shoot! You didn't seem to mind, though. I think you might love her a little! ;)
Anyone else want to eat up these adorable cheeks?!?!

Other than that, we are just soaking up the baby days with you! You still pretty much just poop, eat and sleep, but when you are awake you are so much fun!! We have had a wonderful 2 months with you and know that you will continue to bless our family! Looking forward to lots more fun to come!


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Maddie's Birthday!

Even though Madison doesn't really understand what a "birthday" is, I still wanted to make it an extra special day. I've seen cute ideas on Pinterest with balloons in various locations when the birthday kid wakes up, and I wanted to start a tradition of doing balloons in a different way each year. Since I'm pretty sleep deprived these days and hit the sack instead of blowing up balloons added to Madison's unpredictable night time wakes ups, I decided to just blow them up in the morning after we all woke up. I blew up about 20 balloons, and she had a blast playing with them! Don't tell her, but we are slowing popping and trashing misplacing the balloons one at a time.
After we ate lunch at home, we went and had frozen yogurt at 3 Spoons. She LOVES going there and picking out her toppings (all the healthy stuff of course- M&M's, gummy bears, sprinkles, etc).
Our next stop was Walmart. I know, I know...that's no fun on someone's birthday, however, while we were there Maddie got to pick out her own birthday ball! The purple one with stripes won out...I tried to show her the pink one, but was overruled. For dinner, we all went out to her favorite place- McDonald's! Not the healthiest choice, but if Subway had a slide made just for her, then we would have been there instead. Get with it, Subway! ;) After chowing down her cheeseburger, we got her a bowl of ice cream, covered it in sprinkles, lit the candle and started singing her "Happy Birthday!" Her reaction was priceless, as seen in the picture below! SOOO adorable!! Instead of blowing out the candle she tried to grab the flame, so I did the honors.
I mean cute is that?!?!

Since Maddie desperately wanted to go through the tunnel system (only done once previously and had to be rescued by Grandpa Kurt) I decided to be Super Mom and go with her. It was actually not a claustrophobic as I was expecting. Then after several adorable "peases" from the Birthday Girl, everyone else took a turn going up and coming down the slide as well! And what's a classic story without some documentation, see below:

Thankfully, staying busy kept me from tearing up for the majority of the day. I truly can't believe it's already been two years! Here's to many, many, many fun birthdays!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our Baby Girl is TWO!

Dear Madison,

Oh my, Baby Girl, two years old?! I simply can't believe it! I guess my "baby" is officially growing up. *tear* Just remember- no matter the years, I will always call you Baby Girl! ;)
You have grown up so much in the last year. You're taller, more independent and have more hair! Yay! Still not a whole lot of locks, but what you have is simply beautiful! Your smile melts our hearts, and with your fun loving personality it really doesn't take much for you to show off your pearly whites!
Speaking of teeth, you now have 16 chompers, and you love to brush them! You can say soooooo many words! I can't even begin to list them. You have even started saying 2 and 3 word phrases, and you have wonderful manners! You say "peas" and "tank ooo," and you even say "scuse me" when you need me to move out of your way or if you toot or burp! It's hilarious!
You became a Big Sister this year, and you ROCK at it! You are so sweet to Reid. You like to rock him in the rocker and say "shhh!" when he's sleeping. You try to put his paci in, but it's more of a "shove this thing in his mouth" technique so I try to intervene quickly (thanks for helping though!) You give him about twelve hundred kisses a day (I get slightly jealous, I'll admit,) and you squish hug him any chance you get. I never would have believed how good you are with him. It's a beautiful thing to see how much you love him already! Your favorite thing is to get right in his face and say "Hi-yah buddy!" So cute!!

You gave up your paci this year and have never looked back! Even though Reid uses one, you know it's for the baby and not mature! We moved you into your toddler bed (that was heart wrenching for me) and you loved it. At first. Then Reid was born and it's taken us a good 6 weeks to get you to stay in your room for the night. We are still working on that. (Secretly I'd be ok with snuggling with you every night, but all the "experts" say I'm not supposed to do that. Boo.)
Things you love:
1. Minnie and Elmo (notice they are in a dead tie.) You watch Minnie at home and Elmo at Nana and Pa's house and would do so 24/7 if we let you!
2. Fruit Snacks. Our day is officially ruined if we leave the house, and I forget the fruit snacks. They stay stocked, and I'd make a midnight run to restock if I had to!
3. Anything with tomato sauce. You still eat pretty much anything, but chicken is a least favorite- too dry. However, if it was covered in tomato sauce you'd probably eat it in 2.3 seconds!
4. Bubbles and balloons. They are just so fun, no explanation needed.
5. The slide at the park. You call it "wee," and tears come pretty fast when we have to leave the wee.
6. Stickers. You put them everywhere! I even found them on our bathroom drawer knobs. I guess you figured we needed fancier hardware. ;)
7. Baby dolls. A recent favorite, I'm assuming brought on by the arrival of your little brother.
Things you can do:
1. Talk A LOT!
2. Understand A TON! You do so well with directions, too!
3. Run and "fly" ;) Still working on jumping- one reason we started gymnastics this month- which you LOVE!
4. Hang from a bar and swing. Which we discovered in gymnastics.
5. You can poop and pee in the potty, you just choose not too. You did it 3 times and then just stopped. I guess you knew how much I'd miss changing your diaper. ;)
6. Independent and pretend play. It is SO cute! You put things to "sleep" like your Elmo, Minnie, balls, spoons, etc. You name it, and you've put them under a blanket and said "night-night." You also use your kitchen phone to call people- mostly Chase and Boo, but every now and then you venture out and call different people.
7. Buckle your own seat belt. No worries, we still do a double check.
8. Sit at the table in a booster seat instead of a highchair and drink out of a regular cup. The sippy cup is still our go-to cup most of the time, but you do very well out of a grown-up one.
9. Eat pretty much anything. You can demolish a cheeseburger like nobody's business! The organic ones, of course!
10. Sing and dance. You're a show stopper already!
I know I've probably left a lot out. You've grown so much over the past year. You are an absolute joy to be around! I have loved every single second of being your mom, even during your hilariously quiet tantrums. You are so funny, so sweet and so stinkin' smart!! I thank God each and every day for blessing us with you and for each day He allows me to spend with you. Having you in my life has made me a better person, and I know God has some big plans for you. You will bless so many people, and I'm so excited to continue to watch you grow!

I love you sweet baby girl!