Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our Cupcake's First Birthday Party!

Well, the time finally came to celebrate Maddie's 1st birthday! One whole year has gone by since this sweet first day...
It was an amazing year, so I wanted to make sure her birthday was just as amazing, because you know, she's totally going to remember it and all! ;) I know, I know...why spend time and money (Brent pretend you just stopped at "time") when they aren't going to remember it any way and they're too young to really do much. If you've known me even for just 5 minutes you'd know those reasons can't stop me from throwing a cute (note I said "cute" and not "fun". I can't help if you don't have fun, but I can make sure everything is adorable) party! So here's what I worked on for the last couple months whipped up....

I had to take pictures of the invitations with my phone so they are a little blurry. The front I designed on photoshop and then added the cupcake and candle so it had a 3D look to it. Then for the back I just used a picture I took of Maddie holding a *fake* cupcake...can you imagine the possible mess if I used a real one!)

 Then for the food and sweets...
I made the water bottle labels on my computer and then put them in a tub with water balloons that were placed in the freezer so I didn't have to use ice...much cuter, don't you think?! Plus, after the party I was able to put them back into the freezer to use for the next weekend when I hosted a surprise party for my getting multiple uses out of things!! Side note about the food- the strawberry shortcake kabobs were a huge hit...strawberries and angel food cake on skewers, how easy is that?!
I saw a cake like this on Pinterest and knew I had to get it for Maddie! The small cupcake on top was used as her smashcake! Then of course, to go with the cupcake theme, we had to have cupcakes so I made some cute cupcake toppers to go on top! Since she didn't have very many friends come that were older, I didn't want to go all out for party favors so I just made candy filled cupcakes with little "thank you" signs on them.
Another shout-out to Pinterest for the fruit cones idea. So much cuter than just putting out a bowl of fruit...will use this idea again and again!!
Last bit of decorations...I made a Happy Birthday sign with my Cricut (a crafters MUST HAVE item!) On the mantle, I framed her monthly pictures that I had been taking over the past year. It was so neat to be able to look back and see how much she grew in just a year's time! You can't really see the true look to the cupcake wrapper garland, but it turned out great in real life. It was so easy to make, just string cupcake wrappers, and viola- total cuteness! :) The canvas picture of Maddie I got online from Fabness. I simply uploaded a picture onto their site, and they had it at my door in just over a week!

So, you did all this work...did the birthday girl have any fun, you ask? Oh yes! We got her a little water activity thingy (yes- I do think that's the proper name, thank you very much) and she wanted nothing more than to dive, or crawl, right it! She wouldn't even smile for pictures once she caught eye of it.
Remember that cute little smash cake? Well, it didn't stay cute for long. Funny story though, at first she would not mess it up. She started first just picking at the icing and throwing it on the ground. It was quite uneventful for a few minutes...then Mommy helped her out a little. Once I smashed it open, cake started flying! And once she heard us laughing, she started clapping, which meant more cake in more places! Thank you for being outside! I also made the ribbon decorating her highchair..totally necessary, I know. Super easy though, just cut different ribbons different lengths and then stick them onto a long piece of ribbon with glue dots!
Ok, well...I think that's all I can recap about the party. She of course got many many presents, but since we video taped that, we didn't get any pictures. I have to say, no offense to anyone there or any of the amazing gifts that she loves and plays with, I think her very favorite gift that day was a sleeve of Club Crakers from her Grammy. She loves her some crackers!!

Thank you to everyone who came and who has been a part of her life for the last year! We love you and our little cupcake!!

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