Monday, November 29, 2010

Finding Out & Telling the Hubby...

So let's go back to Sept. 26th...
For some reason I could not get to sleep that night. I was rolling around thinking about how unprepared I was for school and my endless to-do list wouldn't stop running on repeat. I decided to just get up, go watch T.V. and mess around on the computer. Knowing that my scheduled visit from Aunt Flow was due that day and she never showed, I thought, "What the heck, I'll just grab a test just to see." Brent was sound alseep and I headed into the living room, now on a mission. (I should preceed by saying that we had decided to start trying for a baby, and this would have been my first monthly visit after stopping the pills.) Anyhow, I was definitely hopeful, but not too convinced that it could possibly happen so soon... until the 2 mins were up and I saw this:
Now, I know what you're thinking...jump, scream, cry, then go wake up the hubby, but I just couldn't do it! I'd always imagined me telling him in some fun and creative way, and I just didn't think waking him up from a deep slumber would do it. I also knew he schedules very little time for surprises in the morning. This meant I had to wait until the next day when he got home from work (longest day of my life). That night I started cutting out letters from scrapbook paper that spelled out "Welcome Home" and then I used a digital scrapbooking kit to spell out "Daddy." As soon as I got off work the next day, I ran into Walmart to get pink and blue balloons. I rushed home and quickly start blowing up balloons, hoping he wouldn't get home until I was done. I hung up the letters and scattered the balloons all over the floor. When I heard the garage door go up, I stood in the middle of everything holding the 2 positive tests (yes- I took a second one the next day just to be sure).

Needless to say he was quite surprised and excited! We both couldn't believe it happened so soon, and we thank God everyday for his timing and blessing. June is such a perfect time for us since I will be off school! Stay tuned for how we told the rest of the family! :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In Case You Haven't Heard...

We are expecting a new bundle of joy on June 5th, and we are absolutely ecstatic!! We found out we were pregnant on September 26th, well actually I found out and then began plotting how I would tell the hubby. It had to be super cute and creative...that's just how I roll! ;) I will post later on how I told everyone, but for now just know that we are overjoyed! We find out the gender in January, and it couldn't come soon enough. I have some serious nursery planning to do, but I need to know pink or blue! :)

So far, I have had a great pregnancy!! I had many days of waking up feeling queasy, but it generally went away as soon as I got to work. I've been tired, but I haven't really turned in super early because of it, and I'm still awaiting the belly bump. I'm keeping my regular jeans on as long as I can, though I do admit to wearing a few maternity clothes already due to some serious gas and bloating! Brent would probably agree that the gas has been the worst of my symptoms, no beans for me! ;)

My mom came up to go to our appointment with me and Brent today. We got to hear the little June Bug's (nicknamed by Grandpa Kurt) heartbeat and see him/her kick and already! :)

Stay tuned for updates, sharing the news with family and friends, shopping, painting, and partying!!