Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baby Boot Camp

To do push-ups like these, you've got to be wearing your Baby Armour!

Three Months Old!!

Maddie Bug!

I can't believe it's been another wonderful month since my last blog about you! I take so many pictures of your sweet smiling face, but this month has been so busy I haven't shared them like I should be (shame on mamma.) Time has flown by since your birth! You are growing so fast that I already have to look back to see how tiny you used to be!
So...let's talk about those smiles! Oh.my.goodness!! You are so stinkin' cute! It doesn't matter what's going on in our day, no matter the stress level, it just takes one of your smiles to melt all our troubles away. Not to mention how easy it is to get you to smile. Just a couple goofy sounds, one of my made up songs that you seem to enjoy, or sometimes just seeing our faces sends you into a fit of smiles. It is SO much fun!!
The saddest thing that happened this month is that I had to go back to work. With Grandpa Grygar being your babysitter, I knew you would be in good hands, but it definitely made me (and still makes me) sad knowing I would have to go ALL day without getting to see you. I missed singing to you, playing with you, having intense conversations with you, and even having to change the occassional outfit do to your thoughtful gifts of spit-up. I have to say, I do make it through the day, but I am definitely still coping. It always helps when I go to pick you up and you flash me a HUGE smile when you see me walk in the room!
As I mentioned before, you are growing like crazy! We already have a pretty decent sized pile of clothes you have grown out of. Most 0-3 clothes no longer fit you. :( You are also getting so strong! You pretty much have full control of your head and neck and are doing some solid push-ups at tummy time. You are almost ready to sit up in your Bumbo, but I think you would enjoy it more if you were able to hold on to some toys first. This month you also started rolling onto your side. Pretty soon you'll be rolling all over the place!
I'm fairly certain you are already starting to teethe. We are starting to have to dress you in a bib because you drool about a kiddy-pool sized amount of spit a day (see drool in picture below.) You are also finding your hands quite tasty. You like your paci, but you also like grabbing it, throwing it out of your mouth, and replacing it with your entire fist! Every now and then you realize that your long fingers do in fact reach the back of your throat which in turns causes you to gag. Just about a hundred more trial-and-errors and then maybe you'll figure it out!
Well, I guess it's time to move towards month 4! We have a lot planned for this month, and I'm sure you have a lot of growing ahead of you. Thank you for bring us endless joy everyday! We love you more than we could ever say!


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Two Months Old!

Oh Sweet Maddie!

Two months already! We have had SO much fun with you, and it just keeps getting better and better every day!! And Holy Cuteness Batman...you are ADORABLE! At 5 weeks you really started smiling socially, and it just melts our hearts! It doesn't even take much now to get you into a little giggling fit, and it makes us so happy!

You are growing right on track! At your 2 month check-up you measured 22 1/2 inches long and 10.9 pounds. What you didn't like at your check-up was the shots! Poor baby! You were already having a rough day, and then we had to go and make it worse. I felt so bad for you, but afterwards you did get to enjoy some mommy lovin' as I held you and calmed you down. It only took a day and a half and then you were back to your normal smiling self! That's my girl!!

This month you really started noticing toys and it is so cute that you can entertain yourself. Grammy bought you a mat that you lay on and stare up at toys. You LOVE it! And I have to say I love it too because it gives me a chance to brush my teeth in the morning. Thank you Grammy!! :) You have even started noticing that when you flail your arms you can make the hippo start swinging and that makes you laugh...which in turn makes me laugh! I swear, the joy you bring us is endless!!

One of my very favorite things you started doing this month is having conversations with me. Ok, so I don't really know what your saying and vice versa, but it is so stinkin' cute. We literally just stare at each other and "talk." I would so love to get into your little mind to find out what kind of stories you are telling me. I bet they are quite interesting!

I also have to thank you because this month you starting sleeping much longer lengths of time at night. We lay you down around 9:30 or 10 and you just stare at your puppy nightlight until your little eyelids can't take anymore. Then you sleep until around 4 or 5! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! It is so much nicer to get more than 2-3 hours of sleep per stretch. I feel much more human during the day now! :)

You are getting so great at holding your head up! You really show off at tummy time, let me tell ya! I know you are on the fast track to growing up, so I am soaking up ALL the baby time I can get. It makes me sad that this coming month I will be going back to work. I know you will be well taken care of and I love teaching but I hate the fact that my daily time with you will be cut so short! Get ready, mommy's gonna be all over you when I pick you up from Grandpa's Day Care! Talk about attack of the kisses...hold on tight! :)

Well, I guess it's time to move on to month three. Mommy and Daddy are having the time of our lives with you! Thank you for being our sweet baby girl! We LOVE you SO SO much, and thank God every day for your sweet smiling face!!

Love you Maddie Bug!