Friday, July 20, 2012

Pinterest Party!!

Are you a Pinterest addict? Then you would have L.O.V.E.D. this party! :) Needless to say, I am overly addicted to Pinterest. Like to the point where I literally flood people's entire "following" page with pin after pin after pin from just me- you're welcome sorry about that. Unfortunately, avid pinning does not always pair up with avid doing. So, with that in mind I decided to have a Pinterest Party (Pinterest=love, Party=love...winning combination!)

So here was the invitation:
"Hey Ladies and Pinterest Addicts...we are giong to do Ladies' Night Pinterest-style! Choose 1 craft you've been dying to try and gather enough materials for you and 2 friends to make it. Then come to my house on July 12 @ 6:30 with your materials and a Pinterest snack to share. You will leave having made 3 projects and enjoyed some killer company!! :) Also, everyone bring an old tshirt! I've been dying to try the 'turn your tshirt into a workout tank' one."

On the day of the party, everyone showed up with snacks (we had an amazing assortment of dips, no diet today!)
We ate dinner and then started crafting!!!

The organization of the night was basically let's try this and if it doesn't work we'll do it differently next time. Everyone put their name in a jar 2 times- remember we brought materials for 2 other people to make our craft. You started on your craft. Once you finished you drew a name from the jar- that was your next project. When done with that one, you drew another name- that was your 3rd project!

It was a BLAST! Even people who wouldn't consider themselves as "crafty" had a great time because they got to try things they never would have done before!!

Here are some of our crafters at work:

So, I am about to show some of the projects that worked and some that didn't work. This is not to say that the actual "pin" doesn't work, it just failed for us that night. Sadly, I also have to admit I only got pictures of about 1/2 the projects. Oh well, that's what I get for doing more crafting and less picture taking! ;)

SUCCESS Stories:

Here was a "hurry up and find a craft because one of them didn't work" idea that I threw together with some magnets and some corks I had been saving.
Cut the cork, hot glue a magent on the back. Done and Love!

Moscato Cupcakes (I've decided I'm just no good at made-from-scratch...I'll be sticking with boxed sweets) and Glasses Made From Bottles (We couldn't get the string to stay or get hot enough to break the glass.)

Only 2 fails is pretty good in my book!

We also all did the tshirt turned tank top- I LOVE mine! It was SO easy I'll be making many more!! No "before" shot, but you can imagine what it looked like as a tshirt...

We all had a great time crafting!! I do have a disclaimer though- Beware of the hot glue gun! It is HOT!!! No one knew it at the time because my mom is such an introvert but she burned the *shut the front door* out of ther thumb- OUCH!
(Sorry Mom, I couldn't leave this out...It was for the good of the people! ;) xoxo)

I hope you got a great idea for your next Ladies' Night!! The general consensus from our group was this is a MUST for every holiday and any other night we want to get together! What I learned from the first try- either cut it down to only completing 2 crafts for the night or be prepared to stay late. People who finished all projects left around 9:45ish! That being said, we did spend a while chatting- surprising, I know! ;)

Happy pinning and happy crafting!

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