Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Reid {2 Months!}

Dear Reid,

All of a sudden you have become 2 months old! I swear it happened over night! We are having an absolute blast with you, and now that you sport that adorable grin, I'm guessing you are having a great time with us as well!!
You are so strong these days. You've got a grip like a Grygar holding on to a $100 bill! ;) Sometimes you pretend you can hold your own bottle, but thankfully you still need me around for a few things. FYI- you may NOT grow up that fast!!
You are growing so so fast! I wonder if you're slightly fearful for your life with your ultra snuggly sister around squishing you to death giving you lots of hugs. No worries, though. You just might pass her up before you guys start preschool! We took you in for your 2 month check up and you have already doubled your birth weight plus some. You are at a healthy 13 pounds- baby don't miss a meal!! Literally. You never miss a meal.
You are getting nice and tall too. You've grown to 23 inches long! Length wise, you already fill out most of your 0-3 month clothes! Slow down, buddy! I've still got some cute outfits for you to wear!
You are such a happy baby. As you can tell from these pictures, it's not very hard to get you to smile. I put you down on your bear to take pictures and you were cheesing pretty much the entire time! Every smile melts my heart! You've even started making those cute little cooing sounds like you're trying to tell me a story. I can't wait to hear them, just might take a little while longer.
I had to include this picture because Madison insisted on being a part of the photo shoot! You didn't seem to mind, though. I think you might love her a little! ;)
Anyone else want to eat up these adorable cheeks?!?!

Other than that, we are just soaking up the baby days with you! You still pretty much just poop, eat and sleep, but when you are awake you are so much fun!! We have had a wonderful 2 months with you and know that you will continue to bless our family! Looking forward to lots more fun to come!