Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ten Months Old!!!

Dear Maddie,
Ten amazing months have gone by since you've joined our family, and I know I've said it every time- but geeze time is flying by!! Every month with you just keeps getting more and more fun!
This month you have gone back to a bit of a mommy phase. (Personally I'm ok with it, but I guess I have to share you!) ;) You love to show off by clapping, blowing kisses, dancing and walking along the furniture. You have stood on your own for a several seconds, but have not quite taken an independent step yet. To be honest, I'm actually ok with us staying in the crawling phase for a while longer. You are a speedy crawler, and I have a sneaky suspicion you are going to RUN before you walk!
It has become increasingly difficult to take you monthly pictures because you're not all that into just chilling out in your chair smiling at us with your cute little scrunchy nose smile! You have your 2 bottom teeth and seem to always be teething but nothing else is popping through yet.
So, about the hair...looks like your going to be a blondie for a while, but serious girl, can we get those locks a-growin'! It's a good thing you are so adorable (and that your mommy loves bows so much) because you sure are taking your time growing that beautiful hair!
Well, I guess that's all for now! Thanks for keeping every day so fun and exciting...not too long now and we'll be celebrating your first birthday! :*D (tears mixed with excitement!)