Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Til Next Time"

A sad goodbye til-next-time took place today...
One of my very best friends moved back home to Ohio today. Her life took some unexpected turns, and they decided it was time to move back and be close to her mother. Her reasons are undeniable, but the space that will now be between us still makes me a bit teary-eyed. We both did good keeping our emotions in check, but I have to admit I've been letting some tears go here and there throughout the day. Sorry Lisa, I know we were trying hard to keep our cool!

So Maddie and I dropped her off at the airport after spending one last till-next-time day together.

So here are some of my memories in words and pictures that some of you may not understand but are helping my emotional stability. ;)
Lisa, I love you because...
- Our first year as Montessori teachers
- Yoshi and the "tootsie roll"
- The car wasn't quite big enough:
Me- "Are you gonna need help with that"
You- "Nah, I got it"
Me- Drives by and sees this. Almost pees pants laughing.
- We were both Bearkats (No..I spelled it right!)
- Our hatred for running- like so much so it would be murdered, if it weren't illegal...and impossible.
- M'Lissa's wedding pictures (No we weren't)
- Eskimo Hut:
You were so excited you literally cried.
- Super Teachers!
- Having so many phone calls that our husbands, ATT and Verizon all cut us off!
- Turning on my love for wine
- Hippodrome and the Potter's House
- Speaking of...laughing at EXTREMELY inappropriate times
- TFing and my mom having to help keep you "put away" at Miranda Lambert:
- "Um, will you be mad if we don't see the movie?"
- Not sleeping a bit when I was in labor because you were afraid to miss my phone call
- Being an amazing Godmother:
- Girl's Weekend and mastering our photography skillzzz
- All the unmentionables of our classes that caused us to have to go to church more ;)
- Manis and pedis
- Numerous "huh?"s  because of ATT not letting my texts through- there is seriously a conspiracy going on over there!
- The touche/touch confusion (dang it, I can't get the little thingy over the e)
- Promising not to tell secrets
- The Bonfire and how pretty the fog looked coming off the ground uh, lake that we almost drove in to!
- Morning breakfasts
- Toes to Bar (or the "other" to bar, depending on your level of difficulty)
- And many, many other memories that bring a smile to my face

God blessed me abundantly by crossing our paths in little ol' Waco, TX. You are truly like a sister to me. All the ups, downs and turnarounds we have been through were better because we went through them together, one way or another. You are honest, loving, compassionate and freakin' hilarious!! Thanks for being an AMAZING friend! I can't wait to see what memories God is already creating for our future- hold on, this could get dangerous!!

Til Next Time....

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