Sunday, May 6, 2012

Easter {a little late}

So I realize Easter was quite a while ago, but I still wanted to share Madison's first Easter! We spent the day visiting Brent's family in Temple. Maddie was quite the hit. She didn't do any Easter egg hunting, but she did do a lot of Eater egg throwing! ;)

There was a big field of blue bonnets that we just had to take Maddie to. She was definitely not a fan of being put on the ground, so I had to go find a blanket for her to sit on. Even still she didn't smile too much. Oh well, some of the pictures still turned out's hard to get a bad picture of such a cutie! (In my professional opinion)

When we got home, we gave Maddie her Easter basket. She loved digging through all the goodies, and though it didn't keep her busy all night, it did entertain her for a little while.

We had a wonderful day with our little girl...what a way to celebrate the reason for the season. Thank you God for such a beautiful and loving baby! You are truly wonderful!