Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Reid's Sip 'n See

Like I said in my 100th post, I have a lot of catching up to do! My goal is to be all semi (let's be honest) caught up by the time I go back to work. First on my "To Blog" list is Reid's Sip 'n See that we had back in May.

I first heard about Sip 'n Sees from my friend Sarah and hosted one for her about 3 years ago. Basically, a Sip 'n See is a baby shower post-pregnancy, so people get to come and meet the baby. I have actually come to LOVE these, possibly more than traditional showers, because there are so many people that I get to see at the baby shower, but then it takes so long for me to meet up with them again to introduce the baby. At a Sip 'n See you get the best of both worlds- Baby Shower Food Fun (no, I'm not addicted to cupcakes) and the Ooo's and Ahh's of seeing a baby!

So, now that you've had your Sip 'n See 101 lesson, let's get to the pictures!! :)
Because my mom knows my addiction to crafting, she was kind enough to let me create the invite, cupcake toppers, water bottle labels and favor jars. She also let me help decorate on the day of, which of course makes my Decorator-At-Heart Heart happy!
Our family has, since my wedding, become addicted to candy tables. You might say we have a slight sweet tooth and you'd be wrong. We have a SERIOUS sweet tooth! We HEART candy tables, and pretty much any event you attend from now until forever will likely have warned!

For favors we decided to use the candy from the candy table, so we created these super cute jars that say "Thank you for coming to meet Baby Reid" on the top. They were so cheap ($1 at the Dollar Tree), super easy and very cute!
I loved getting to introduce Reid to all of our family and friends! We were so blessed to have many people who drove in from long distances to see him, and us, but mostly him. We love you and thank you so much for coming!

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