Friday, July 19, 2013

Reid {3 Months!}

Dear Reid,
Time continues to fly by with you in our family, baby boy! As you can tell by your picture, you are growing fast and LOVE to smile! We are all having so much fun with you!!
This month you have slowed down a bit on the chowing down. You still don't skip any meals, but now you at least seem to actually get full. If you look closely you can see your cute little rolls muscles that tell us you are nice and healthy!!
You absolutely love to smile. Pretty much anyone can get you smiling just by talking to you, but we have recently discovered that fake sneezes almost make you giggle! I bet we are going to hear the beautiful sound of laughter coming from you in no time.
You are quite the social butterfly already. You don't care much for laying on your back or stomach. You want to be up facing the world. If you get fussy, I usually can just turn you facing out, and you calm down almost immediately. Even sitting in a reclining position isn't always good enough. You are constantly pushing your head forward (which you have excellent control over) to try to sit up all the way. We've started putting you in your Bumbo seat already because you just love to sit up and see everyone.
I guess you are going to be popping out a tooth fairly soon, because you have gone into full on teething this past week. You pretty much have every symptom including wanting some serious snuggle time with Mama! (I don't mind a bit!) I wonder how much longer we'll get to have that adorable gummy grin?
That's about all for this month. You continue to make our days fun and exciting. We all love you so much, including your sister. You still top the charts on who gets the most kisses from her! Love you, little buddy...bring on month 4!


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