Sunday, April 7, 2013

Reid's Nursery

Well, I can officially say we are ready for baby Reid! The nursery is for sure...our level of readiness is still arguable. ;)

I have never been much for "themes," so when it came to decorating for a boy I thought it would be safe to just stick with colors and patterns. I also wanted to stray from baby blue and brown, so I decided on navy blue, yellow and grey. When we I (let's be honest) decorated Madison's nursery we went ALL painting stripes on the wall. Thank you, Pa for your help with that vision, you'll be happy to know I'm likely to never stray down that path again! You're welcome. So for Reid's wall, I just wanted to paint it a simple grey. It turned out looking blue-ish grey, but I still love it!

With the help of my mother-in-law, Janet (thank you, thank you, thank you!) the bedding- bed skirt, bumpers and quilt were all hand-made with lots of frustration love! I was super proud because this was my first BIG sewing project. I mostly helped Janet, but I get to take FULL credit for doing the quilt all. by. my. self! "I'm a big kid now!" :) I also made Reid's letters like I did Madison's. The bunting was sooo easy, and I just love how I was able to use left over fabric so it all matches!! No, I don't have an obsession with matching, how dare you ask! Oh, and before we move on to the next wall...another shout out to Brain a.k.a. Paw (my father-in-law) for humoring me with another hand-made toy organizer!

I ordered the valence and pillow off of etsy- don't you just LOVE that fabric! The ABC 123 blocks were one of the quickest projects I've ever done because I wasn't striving for perfection. I can almost hear the GASPS from all of you who know me! ;) But seriously, I'm talking like 20 minutes, maybe.

The adorable changing pad cover was another etsy purchase, for all of you keeping count (read: Brent). And where did the fabulous "Reid" sign come from? Oh, that would be from my amazing friend I have in Ohio- Lisa. It looks so perfect in his room! Thanks buddy!!

The last wall is mostly taken up by the two doors, but of course I couldn't let it go bare! I made the "Child of God" shelf using inspiration from etsy (See, Brent, I don't buy everything I see on there!) The signs are hard to read, but if you'd like to purchase uh, I mean, see an upclose version of them click here and here. They make wonderful gifts for baby showers, baby homecomings, baptisms, christenings, etc. ;) Couldn't help myself...

So there it is, and now we just wait! Anxious and eager to meet our SON! And it shouldn't be long- I'm almost at 38 weeks, so get your phone ringers on LOUD!


  1. Nicole, you're so creative! Reid's room and Maddies was well thought out. I know there was so much love put into them and I'm someone that has still yet to know you very well. I just see the love of your family and the thoughtful comments to all those who have helped make a beautiful place for your children to lay their precious heads! Can't wait to meet you Reid!!

  2. Thank you so much, Nikki! Here's to getting to know each other better and watching our babies grow up together! :)