Friday, April 26, 2013

First Week as a Family of 4!

An entire week has gone by with the addition of Reid to our family, and it has been quite wonderful! We can't even believe how blessed we are!
It is so amazing how quickly you forget about their size, their feeding times and their CUTENESS! I just want to cover him in kisses; I mean look at that face! Adorable!!
It makes me sad that I can hardly remember Madison at this stage because that means my memory for Reid will be just as blurry. *tear*  Thank goodness we have the ability to easily take lots and lots and lots (sorry baby boy) of pictures!!
So far, he sleeps longer between feedings during the day than at night, of course! Thankfully he is super good at going back to sleep so that this mama can squeeze in a few zzzzzzz's. Unfortunately, Big Sister Madison has not been sleeping so well, so let's change that to a few zz's. :( I'm sure we'll quickly settle into a routine, but until then, please blame any typos on an extreme lack of sleep! ;)
And speaking of Big Sister, this girl is in LOVE! Madison has been such a helper and gives Reid anywhere close 2,689 kisses a day! She is so gentle with him and so patient with me when I can't get her something due to feeding Reid. Their relationship is already blossoming and makes my mommy heart melt!!

Thanks to Reid's timing and my work's extended leave time, I will be getting from now until August off! Yay! :-D That being said, be prepared for lots more posts! I apologize in advance...

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