Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cute {and Easy} Fabric Bunting

I've finally started the decorating phase of Reid's nursery and am loving how it is turning out. I'm not really into themes so I'm decorating with patterns in navy, yellow and grey. I've done a few projects, but I just had to share this one because it turned out great (biased) and was so so easy! (And I only say that when it is!) ;)

I'm usually a paper-only crafter with a few spray painting projects here and there, but I steer away from sewing crafts. I was so excited that this project turned out well with ZERO sewing involved- no needle, no thread, no problem!

Here's how to make the super easy, no-sew fabric bunting:

What you'll need...
  • Your fabric (How much depends on how many different ones you want and the size bunting you'll be making.)
  • Bunting Template- I downloaded/printed mine for free at Chickabug Blog and used the largest size triangle.
  • Rotary cutter & cutting mat (You could just use fabric scissors.)
  • Iron-on Hem (Remember: No sewing needed!)
  • Iron

Step One...
Cut out the size of triangle you want from the template and use to cut out as many triangles from each pattern that you want.

Step Two...
Iron on the hem to the top, front side of the triangles in whatever order you want. I just used medium heat and went over it a few times to be sure it stuck well. (If you pull hard enough, you can peel it off. It holds just fine for a project like this, but I would be worried if it was on something that you needed a strong hold for.)
**Note: This bunting is only one-sided. I'm hanging mine on the wall so I didn't need a two-sided bunting.**

Step Three...
Hang it on the wall! Yep, like I said- super EASY! I hung mine with plain old silver thumb tacks since my hem was silvery-grey.

Have fun! :)

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