Thursday, February 6, 2014

Reid {9 Months!}

Dear Reid,

"Busy" doesn't even begin to describe how active you are!! Seriously, Dude- you are anywhere and everywhere you aren't supposed to be within a matter of seconds. You have definitely got crawling down to an art. You see where you want to go, lower your head like a charging bull, and off you go! That's one reason why most of your 9 month pictures turned out like this:
I'd set you down on your bear and before I could get even half way ready, you were climbing up my legs to get a close up. I tried so hard, but you won the battle to NOT take a monthly picture sitting in the bear's lap. I guess we'll have to judge this month's growth in a different way. TBH- it makes this OCD mama want to cringe a little that the consistency has ended. I'll start my therapy next week.
On day 1 (yes, there were multiple days of trying to get pictures, don't judge) of the photo shoot, this is as close as I could get you to the bear before you were off to the races. You are so curious and seriously into anything remotely in your reach. Your newest nickname is "Reid the Destroyer," and it's pretty accurate! At Nana's house you knock over the play house daily like the Big Bad Wolf, you've knocked down the basketball goal (bitter you can't dunk yet?) and you knocked over the play kitchen into the wall where there is now a small chunk of wall missing. At some point you're gonna need to tone down the Godzilla impersonations. I don't think even Fisher Price can stand up to your destructive habits!
Some more proof of the above. Step away from the bear. ;) You FINALLY broke a tooth through. One of your bottom pearly whites made its appearance after teething since 2 months old (maybe not quite that long, but it sure seemed that way!) You need as many teeth as you can get too because boy do you like to eat. That has most certainly not changed a bit.
You LOVE to climb and are an expert couch walker! You have a push toy that you love to walk around with. We love your very wide football stance as you walk across the room; it's super cute! We also can't get enough of your sweet, sweet personality! You have an adorable smile and a contagious laugh. It's doesn't take much at all to get you to do either, especially if Big Sister, Madison is nearby. She takes the cake when it comes to entertaining you!
One more thing that you started doing that melts my've started saying "mama." We weren't quite sure if it was with-purpose at first, but it didn't take long to become pretty clear that you knew exactly what you were saying. I can't get enough of you crawling to me as fast as you can saying, "mama mama mama!" With a call like that and a smile that can brighten up any day, you definitely have us wrapped around your little finger.

We all love you Baby Boy, and thank God every day for blessing us with you!


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