Saturday, February 9, 2013

Recent Memories {Ski Trip!}

Well, we're almost all caught up!
We were so excited, Brent probably the most, to get to head to Colorado for a snowy vacation! Of course Reid and I were NOT going to be hitting the slopes, so instead I played around the ski resort with Madison, Janet and Brian while Brent, Chase and Lauren had fun on the mountain. Pregnant in a ski town is really not optimal, but we made the best of it, and watching Madison have fun in the snow was a blast!

The plane ride there was a breeze with this expert traveler! She spent most of the trip like this, and then woke up in time for the decent and to take a few peeks out of the window.

She really wasn't sure how to handle the cold when it got really bad, so we spent a lot of time in the hotel room. Even still, we kept ourselves thoroughly entertained!
Once we did hit the outdoors, we made sure Madison was all bundled up. She was not quite a fan at first, in fact, she resembled the little boy from the Christmas Story who couldn't put his arms was slightly hilarious. Once she got used to getting ready, she was a pro and loved wearing her ski bib and jacket. I'm fairly certain she was the cutest one in town!

(LOVE this picture!)
We tried to take her sledding one day, but she wasn't really a fan. This was probably the only point in time where she had half a smile...oh well, maybe next time.
On the last day, we hopped on a bus and checked out a couple of spots in the surrounding area. They weren't very eventful, but Maddie loved riding the bus sitting next to her "Boo."
Take note: the following picure is currently the only in existance where she is smiling with Uncle Chase! This was a great bonding experience for the two of them. ;)

Well, that was our vacation! I wish I could post all of our pictures, but I think I pretty much covered the highlights! I'll end with two New Year's Eve pictures to complete my 2012 posts posted in 2013:
(Oh and she was actually laughing, though it looks like she's screaming for us to stop kissing her!)

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