Thursday, May 30, 2013

Maddie's Birthday!

Even though Madison doesn't really understand what a "birthday" is, I still wanted to make it an extra special day. I've seen cute ideas on Pinterest with balloons in various locations when the birthday kid wakes up, and I wanted to start a tradition of doing balloons in a different way each year. Since I'm pretty sleep deprived these days and hit the sack instead of blowing up balloons added to Madison's unpredictable night time wakes ups, I decided to just blow them up in the morning after we all woke up. I blew up about 20 balloons, and she had a blast playing with them! Don't tell her, but we are slowing popping and trashing misplacing the balloons one at a time.
After we ate lunch at home, we went and had frozen yogurt at 3 Spoons. She LOVES going there and picking out her toppings (all the healthy stuff of course- M&M's, gummy bears, sprinkles, etc).
Our next stop was Walmart. I know, I know...that's no fun on someone's birthday, however, while we were there Maddie got to pick out her own birthday ball! The purple one with stripes won out...I tried to show her the pink one, but was overruled. For dinner, we all went out to her favorite place- McDonald's! Not the healthiest choice, but if Subway had a slide made just for her, then we would have been there instead. Get with it, Subway! ;) After chowing down her cheeseburger, we got her a bowl of ice cream, covered it in sprinkles, lit the candle and started singing her "Happy Birthday!" Her reaction was priceless, as seen in the picture below! SOOO adorable!! Instead of blowing out the candle she tried to grab the flame, so I did the honors.
I mean cute is that?!?!

Since Maddie desperately wanted to go through the tunnel system (only done once previously and had to be rescued by Grandpa Kurt) I decided to be Super Mom and go with her. It was actually not a claustrophobic as I was expecting. Then after several adorable "peases" from the Birthday Girl, everyone else took a turn going up and coming down the slide as well! And what's a classic story without some documentation, see below:

Thankfully, staying busy kept me from tearing up for the majority of the day. I truly can't believe it's already been two years! Here's to many, many, many fun birthdays!!

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