Sunday, November 3, 2013

Reid {6 months}

Dear Reid,

Man, time is simply flying by!! I cannot believe that you are already a half a year old! CRAZINESS! We are having so much fun with you and your simply sweet and lovable personality. You are such a blessing to our family!
You are continuing to grow and grow. At your 6th month appointment you weighed in at 18 pounds and measured 26 1/4" long! I guess we aren't going to have a problem with you hitting the 20 pound mark when you turn 1. It appears you are bound and determined to beat Maddie at growing! ;)
You are really starting to jibber jabber. It cracks me up when you are upset, but you aren't quite crying. You just start talking in an angry'd probably get in trouble for talking to us that way if we had any idea what you were saying. Most of the time though, we get to enjoy you just telling stories and laughing.
You love to eat fruits and veggies, which is apparent from your previous measurements and have actually started getting bored with your bottle. You have been eating about a jar in a half to 2 jars of food a day, but the doc gave us the go ahead to move you to 3 jars a day. I think I heard you let out a shriek of joy when she told us that! ;)
You are so so playful and want so badly to start crawling. You try constantly which usually leads to a carpet face-plant and a few frustrated cries. No worries,'ll get there in no time!
Thank you so much for letting us love you! We have had so much fun with you! Lots of hugs and kisses!!!


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