Wednesday, March 23, 2011

DIY Gumball Machine Candy Jar

I saw this on my friend Sarah's blog and knew I had to try it! She is my crafty muse! It was soooo easy and came out SO stinkin' cute! I already have it in Maddie's room, brainstorming what I'm going to put in it! Before she gets here, it's going to be used at a couple of my baby showers as a decoration/candy dish.

Here's what you need to make it:
* Clay pot
* Clay saucer- not to fit the pot, but to fit as the lid to your bowl
* Glass bowl
* Knob for the lid
* Ribbon
* Glue (the kind that will work on glass) Mine was called Amazing Goop
* Paint in the color of your choice

(My supplies all came from Walmart, and the total was less than $10 which makes this even cuter in my opinion!) :)

Here's what you do:

1. Paint the clay pot and saucer. It will probably take you 2 coats for a nice coverage.

2. Once those are completely dry, follow the directions on your glue to attach the glass bowl to the base of the clay pot. Also, glue your knob onto the underside of the clay saucer to make the lid of the candy jar. I bought a knob from the hardware section that is actually a cabinet knob. If you buy a wooden one, you will want to paint that as well in step 1.

3. Wait for the glue to completely dry, (check the bottle for time and handling directions) and then tie your ribbon at the base of the bowl. You can also add a vinyl/sticker embellishment if you'd like. The one I have is from a digital scrapbooking kit that I just printed, cut out, and attached with a 3D glue dot.

4. Put the lid on the jar, and you are finished! :)

Now find a good place to put your fabulous new gumball machine that is sure to get tons of compliments!!

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