Saturday, March 26, 2011

Baby Shower {Take 2}

Last weekend I was blessed with another wonderfully fabulous baby shower! When my dear friend Sarah (my crafty muse) called me up around January or February and said she wanted to host a shower for me, I was ecstatic! She throws amazing parties, and I was so excited she wanted to throw one for me and Maddie! She recruited the help of two of my very close Waco friends, Lisa and Jessica, and let me tell you, it was better than I ever could have imagined! The decorations were beautiful, the food was fantastic, and the gifts were bountiful! Below are some of the pictures of all the day's goodies! If you are interested in how Sarah made some of the decorations, check out her blog for detailed info!

Here was the food table! (Notice how happy I am to be standing next to a table full of deliciousness!!)
She had a cute idea of making a table filled with different things I have been craving. Honestly, I haven't been craving too much out of the ordinary from my usual, so she just filled the table with the things that I still love to indulge in!
We can't forget my two favorite refreshments, accompanied with some yummy lemonade!
For decoration, she took my belly pics and some ultrasound pictures and made a very cute banner. My mom loved it so much, it shall be making a second appearance at my Houston shower!
I LOVED this themed photo props! Sarah printed out these pink baby related items, stuck them on bamboo skewers, and created props for guests to hold when getting their pictures taken. They made for some very funny and memorable pictures!
And for the favors, Sarah made these fabric rosettes with clips on the back that can be used in your hair, to spice up a shirt, add to a scarf, and whatever other creative placement you choose! I may have taken an extra one just to add a little extra spice to my wardrobe. ;)
Here are a few more decorations that added to the pinkalicious shower!

I am SO blessed to have such amazing family and friends! Thank you Sarah for driving all the way to Waco to host a beautiful baby shower for me, and thank you Lisa and Jessica for helping with all the food! I pray Maddie has as wonderful friends as I do!!

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