Thursday, February 20, 2014

Reid {10 months!}

Dear Reid,

I'm not sure anyone can doubt that you are a VERY happy baby! You bring us all so much joy, and though you are getting continuously more curious and destructive, you are also getting more and more fun by the day! You have such a joyous personality that is beautifully paired with a little bit of stubbornness. ;)

 Taking your monthly pictures is quite an ordeal these days, but I am determined to keep them going! I love being able to look back and see how much you've grown each month. You may notice Daddy's hand holding you in place in order for me to get your picture ON the bear, instead of you trying to man handle the poor thing* (see picture below). I'm pretty sure I had to change the setting on my camera to "sports" just so it could keep up with you. ;)

 You are still proudly living up to your nickname "Reid the Destroyer." Nothing is safe near you! It's a good thing Madison is such a great big sister; she watches out for you possibly even better than we do your average 2 1/2 year old sibling.

Since I was a little behind on getting your 9 month check up in, you ended up see the doctor 4 days shy of turning 10 months. You weighed in at 21.1 lbs and 29" long. Looks like Madison won't be bigger than you for very long! You have 2 full teeth in and 2 that have just started poking through. I have a bad feeling you are going to get a LOT of teeth all at once. Sorry, buddy!

You have started being able to stand for a good bit of time on your own and even take a few steps. You have been wanting to walk for so long now. You are a pro furniture walker and get the biggest kick out of trying to walk to Madison (that is a video worth watching over and over!) You'll notice the lack of a smile on your face here. Every time I tried to get a picture of you standing you would sit as soon as I got the camera ready. You finally humored me enough to stay standing, but you refused to act like you enjoyed it. Well played, Mr. Stubborn, well played.

 You spent most of your 10th month of life sick. :( You went through strep throat, an ear infection, congestion to the point of needing breathing treatments, then a throat virus that was not strep, a double ear infection and then just your overall cold/congestion. Even through all that sickness you stayed fairly happy and playful the majority of the day. Your nights sure did take a toll on us, though. You pretty much slept snuggled up to me for nearly a month. Don't tell anyone, but I didn't really mind it at all! ;)

I couldn't capture this adorable face you like to give as well as I wanted to, but it does give you a little taste of how playful you are. We have scrunchy face wars quite often, and it cracks us all up! Not only do you enjoy laughing and making us laugh (your fake laugh is hilarious,) you are also so loving and sweet. When I ask you for kisses, you lean over and either push your head on my face to receive kisses, or you plant a big drooling kiss on my cheek! Simply adorable!

We love you so much, Baby Reid, and simply couldn't imagine life without you! You do a perfect job of adding to the love and happiness of our little family of four!


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