Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gymnastics Fun!

Putting Madison in gymnastics was one of the best things I've done so far as a mom. Not only is it fun for me to do with her, she has learned so many things and developed so many new skills. She started right before she turned 2 years old, and at that time she couldn't even jump. Now, she can so much!

She can follow directions from her coach and o her stretches (so cute!)

She plays with her friends and waits patiently for her turn (quite an improvement from when she started!)

She balances very well on the balance beam. She can do the beam while walking, kicking, hopping (her favorite), walking backwards and doing forward rolls. She also loves doing headstands!

She loves to jump in the foam pit and has finally mastered forward rolls!!

Needless to say, she loves going to gymnastics! We both very much look forward to Wednesdays! Wouldn't you want to take her if you got to see this smile the whole time?!?!

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