Friday, May 17, 2013

Reid {1 Month}

Dear Reid,
Welcome to our family sweet boy! You have been with us for a month now, and my how time flies (beware- I am likely to say that every month!) But seriously...I cannot believe it has already been a month. On one hand it feels like we were just at the hospital awaiting your arrival, and on the other it feels like you've been with us all along.

At birth you were slightly heavier and slightly longer than your big sister. I guess you want to make sure you get bigger than her quickly (which is smart for your safety) because my how you put on the rolls fast! You went from 6 lbs 11 oz to 8 lbs in just 2 weeks! I can hardly keep up with your strict milk demands! Thus the nickname you received from Papa Grayson- "Piglet."
That name not only fits your bottomless pit, but also the snorting sounds you make. They are so stinkin' cute!! It is especially funny (sorry for laughing at you in your time of perceived need) when you get so worked up for your bottle that your snorting gets to where you can hardly stop to eat.
There's not a whole lot in the milestone category to address quite yet, but you are starting to hold your head up pretty well (careful of overcorrecting) and focus more on our faces. I LOVE when our eyes meet! I pretend you are saying, "I love you, Mom" even if you're really saying, "Hey, if I'm awake I must need a bottle or a diaper change. How about you get on that."
"Eat, sleep, poop," about sums up your life and your responsibilities right now. We've addressed the eating- hungry, hungry piglet. Poop is about the same for all babies. Now let's talk about "sleep." You are a fabulous sleeper, during the day. How is it that you and your sister both had your days and nights switched?! I like your sibling scheming has already begun! Last night I got a solid 3 1/2 hours straight and it felt like I had slept for a week! Generally, you are up every 2 hours on the dot. Remember, you have this thing about eating...a lot. Thankfully God gave me the ability to function semi-normally on very little sleep. If you and Miss Maddie could please talk things over and be a little nicer to Mommy, I would definitely appreciate it! You might even get rewarded in the form of fruit snacks when you get older, just a thought. ;)
So basically, we are in love! It didn't take long at all for you to steal ours and everyone else's hearts. We can already tell you are going to be a sweetheart like your sister! We are a very blessed family of four!


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