Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Break

1 week off from work? Yes, please! I've always loved Spring Break, but getting to spend the whole week with my baby girl makes it an even greater love!

We didn't venture out anywhere this year since Reid's arrival is so close, but we still had tons of fun! My dad came into town as a surprise, and my BF from Ohio came down with her adorable little "Bowbie"! (Her name is Colbie, but Maddie calls her Bowbie- it's super cute.)

Please don't take too long to realize that Madison is eating a lollipop while still in her PJ's. It was the first day...I was trying to earn some Mommy Brownie Points! The weather turned out to be pretty nice so after a short shopping trip we stopped by and got some yogurt, and then headed home for some backyard play (which you will see repeated over and over again throughout the week because I'm not very creative it's free!) She's a bit obsessed with "ice" (her word for outside and ice cream, ice, and ice water...we sometimes have confusion meltdowns.)

Lisa and Colbie came to visit us on Tuesday, and Maddie was sooo sweet with her. I love this picture of the two girls- you can just see all their future plans and shenanigans forming! Lisa- we might have some double-trouble on our hands! ;) You'll notice more outside play- this time with Grandpa, and some pre-bedtime cuddling with Mommy! I HEART cuddle time with my girl!

On Wednesday, I found a short (and FREE) library time less than a mile away. Madison enjoyed most of it until Toddler ADHD kicked in. Then it was time to head to McDonald's. While there, Maddie and Grandpa thought it would be a good idea for Maddie to venture the tunnels alone. That worked well until she got to the top, couldn't find the slide, had a meltdown, and Grandpa had to go to the rescue! Classic!

Ok, do you see that ridiculously cute face that Madison is doing?! She likes to whip out that look when she's been caught up-to-no-good or while I'm trying to get her to sleep. And yes- the adorableness usually leads to a Maddie win and Mommy loss.

To end a fun and relaxing week, we met "the girls" for lunch, Maddie and Colbie did so well eating and playing together while the rest of us got to catch up a bit. And yet another adorable picture of the future besties! Love!

All in all, though we stayed in Waco, we had a wonderful week!! I was thrilled to get to chillax with Madison, my dad, Lisa and Colbie...couldn't have asked for more!!

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