Sunday, February 12, 2012

Eight Months Old!!!

Dear Maddie,
Eight months?! Where's my tiny baby going?? You are SO stinkin' cute and SO much fun to be around! You have been up to so much this month, I can hardly keep up with how fast you are growing!
You started waving hi/bye this month. Unfortunately the cuteness of it only lasted a couple weeks because for some reason you just kind of quit doing it. Oh well, it'll be back soon I'm sure.
You LOVE the camera! It is not hard at all to get you to smile! In fact, you pretty much do it as soon as you see the camera/phone come's like you just know or something.
You are so close to crawling. You get like this as if you are heading off to the races and then sit back down. I always laugh because if we watch you closely, it looks like you never actually move. Then all of a sudden we'll realize you're on the other side of the room from where you started! You are the fastest baby at moving really slow!
You have also just started pulling yourself up on things and clapping! Geeze, baby are getting so big! You look adorable just standing there by your little chair. I love that sweet face and smile like you know you are a cutie pie!
Well, I guess I can't slow you down from growing up. You are becoming so active and curious about the world around you. There's just no stopping you! I can't believe that very soon you are going to be one year old! *tear* I love you sweet Madison!

Big hugs and lots of kisses,

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