Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Seven Months Old!

Dear Maddie,
I'm trying to be a good Mommy and catch up with your monthly posts! I feel like time is flying by SO fast!! *tear* I was looking back at your early monthly pictures and just can't believe how big you are getting! Every single day is a blast with you, but I do get a little sad when I realize your tiny baby days are pretty much done. Then, I see this sweet little smile and can't help but get happy again:
I feel like this past month you have grown so much! You've always rolled around a little bit, but now you really use rolling as your main source of transportation. If you see something you want, you just roll however many times it takes to go and get it! It's SUPER adorable when you roll around so you can get to us!
You have graduated to the level 2 foods. You are still a very good eater and though we give you them with caution, you do love you some prunes! Not sure you get that from any of us. You also have started spinning your bottle when you are eating. We can't figure out why, but you seen to enjoy it thoroughly!
You are really good at playing independently and keeping yourself entertained. I may have shed a little tear the day you didn't want to play with me at all. You just wanted to be left alone with all your fun toys. *tear again* AND you finally made the move to your own bedroom. You caught on really quick, and lucky for my emotions we didn't have to let you cry it out much at all. Whew!
So there you have it...growing up right before our very eyes! We love you so much, Madison!! You are such a beautiful and happy baby! Thanks for being such a joy!!


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