Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day!

Happy {late} Valentine's Day!

Well, we had a GREAT first Valentine's Day as a family of 3! Our little Valentine woke up in a wonderful mood that lasted the whole day...she must like V-Day like Mommy! Brent got me some beautiful flowers and a ticket to redeem on my day of choosing to be "Queen for a Day!" He offered to do the cooking, the cleaning, and the pretty much anything else I ask...muah ha ha (evil laugh while tapping my fingers.) ;) I've already started my list, but shh! don't tell him! I got him a box of chocolates he likes and the gift of not spending money on a gift for him....aren't I just so thoughtful! (Which, if you know Brent, was exactly what he wanted!) Here is a picture that was snapped that is HILARIOUS!
Aren't you just dying to know what's going through her mind?!?!

We wanted to go out to dinner, so we raced home, got ready as fast as possible, jumped in the car, and zoomed over to Olive Garden just to sit and wait an hour for a table. Brent knows how much I love that place, so even though lots of other people had the same thought, it was still a great choice! Here is us with our little Valentine at dinner...she was a wonderful date!

Lots of love to all of our family and friends! We hope you had a great Valentine's with someone you like, love, or you'd love to like! :)

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