Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow!! Yes, it's a BIG deal here!

For most of you out there not living in TX, you get snow so much it might not be considered "fun," but this morning we woke up to a beautiful White Friday, and we were ecstatic! Of course everything shuts down as soon as the first flurry is spotted so Brent and I both got off work to be safe play!! Once we geared up in our ski stuff (make fun, but we still like to be warm) we headed out to his parent's house to play in the snow, Texas redneck style! No snowmobiles needed- we've got four wheelers!! Brent even took his snowboard out to be pulled by his dad on the four wheeler. So it is now official, you CAN snowboard in TX! We tried to make a snowman (I wanted to make a prego-snowwoman) but the snow wasn't sticky enough to roll up. Bummer, but needless to say we still had a blast! Check out Snow Day 2011 below! :)

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  1. looks like ya'll had a blast!! take care!! ;0)