Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy {Heart} Day!

Today was a simple, yet wonderful Valentine's Day! In the past, we have gone somewhere like San Antonio or Fort Worth for the weekend to celebrate, but this year we both had to work, and as you already know, Valentine's Day fell on a Monday. So instead, we went out to eat at Chuy's and spent the evening watching our favorite T.V. shows. Brent surprised me with the flowers pictured below, and then brought out his gift for Madison. He said he wanted to give something to both his girls! Cue: "Awe, how sweet!" I know, I know, he's kinda fantastic, isn't he?! :)



{Did you notice I actually get to eat 2 bags of chocolate? "Yum," says the pregnant lady!}

Hope you guys all had a Happy {Heart} Day with your loved ones- spouses, family, and friends!

Much LOVE!

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