Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back to School!

Sorry I've been MIA for so long! Back to school time means back to doing nothing but getting the classroom and curriculum ready and surviving the first couple weeks! Well, as you can see, I did survive the first week! Whew! As some of you know, I switched from teaching 1st-3rd grade to teaching 4th-6th grade. It's proved to be quite a change, and though I am enjoying it, it comes with many new challenges. One such challenge being that a sticker or stamp is not really a meaningful reward anymore. :( bummer! Instead, I am going to set up a classroom economy system and see how that works out. If you have any ideas, please share! :)

I hope to take pictures of my classroom this week. I had a great time setting it up and would love to share some of my fun little corners of the room. I also set up a class website with blogger. I'm really excited about it and have already had some parents comment on how much they like it! yay! If you are into newsletters, Teacher's Clubhouse has some super cute templates that don't have to be used just in the classroom! I'll be back soon to post some of my other school files and finds that you might enjoy.

Until then, I'm off to grade papers and make more classroom materials! It's a never ending job that I really do love! (I also love help, so if you are interested...)

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