Friday, June 8, 2012

Eleven Months!!

Dear Maddie,
I say it every time but time is flying by so fast! I see people with their newborns and it makes me so sad that I can hardly even remember you being that tiny. Even as I look back at pictures it's so hard to believe that you are growing this fast!!

You are getting very good at walking while we hold your hands. I know any day now you're just going to take off! Even without walking, you are curious about everything. You crack us up when you reach for things you know you're not supposed to play with because you look up at us with those big blue eyes just waiting for the word, "no." Then when we say it you get those big alligator tears flowin'! I think we may have a little drama queen on our hands!!
You are really enjoying "real people food!" In fact you are starting to get mad when we try to feed you out of a jar. We have to put in on a plate or in a bowl to make you think it's not baby food, though sometimes you show off those smarts and still refuse to eat it! That being said, you are NOT a picky eater!! I'm talking you eat tomatoes, avacados, all veggies and eggs! You must get that love-all-things-food attitude from your mama!
And speaking of food...check out those chompers! I simply LOVE how your precious little teefers came in! Front Bottom two, then the 2 next to your front two, but no front two yet (did you follow that?!). Adorable! You know what else you do with that sweet mouth- you say "mama" and you mean it! one can deny it- we've had several witnesses! ;) Mama loves you SO much!!
Look how big you look!!! I just can't grasp how much you're growing! Thanks for an amazing 11 months! I know the fun has only just begun with you!


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