Saturday, May 14, 2011

Madison's Nursery!!

Ok, the nursery is officially done! Minus the baby and the few things I am likely to change once Maddie gets here and starts destroying playing with everything. I had so much fun decorating and doing lots of mini projects for her room, and I can't wait for her to be apart of it all very soon!!

View from the door towards the crib and straight ahead:

Crib Area:
I LOVE this bedding! It is Cocalo Daniella and adds such a sophisticated yet girly touch. I found that beautiful lamp at Hobby Lobby (my favorite, yet very dangerous place to shop), and the "sweet dreams" block is a nightlight I made her!

Her reading corner (yes, I'm a little early...but I'm also a teacher so I have an excuse!)
I made these alphabet letters on my computer and LOVE how they turned out! Guess where I found that adorable pink chair...yep, you guess it- Hobby Lobby!! :) And a big "thanks" goes out to Half Price Books for making it quite cheap and easy to fill her little bookshelf.

Dresser/Chair wall:
The gumball machine is the same one I have under my "projects" page- very easy and fun to make! I ordered the "Sugar and Spice" words from Uppercase Living, but if you have a Cricut, you could easily cut them out of vinyl.

Changing Table & Hutch:
So many lovely details on her hutch! I can't wait to put it to use...even if it is to change stinky diapers! ;)

Closet (I may be a tad bit obsessed with organization):
She is definitely ready in the clothing department! Oh, and her little shoe rack- I made by wrapping cardboard and wooden blocks with wrapping doing things the cheap way!

Other VIDs (Very important details):
My little sister and friend made this diaper cake for me (SO cute!), my father-in-law made this toy organizer (he's so professional...and did I mention he seldom tells me "no"- we are good friends), and I found this growth chart at Hobby Lobby on sale for around $3!

I hope you love her nursery as much as I do! I know she's going to LOVE it, and if she doesn't, I still do and I'm the mama so I win! I couldn't have gotten the look I wanted without the help of my father-in-law's mad painting skills, so I owe him a ton of thanks! Thank you also to everyone who bought and made us things that we needed to help get her started. I don't know if anyone ever told you- but babies don't come with all the expensive supplies they need! :)

Maddie- we are ready for you!


  1. It looks amazing! Absolutely perfect! She will be in LOVE when she gets home!

  2. I love your Alphabet Letters. I know you'll be very busy in the upcoming weeks - but if you find time could you add them to your Projects Page? I love to do that for my kids playroom.

  3. I keep thinking about how to do the letters as a blog post, but really I just do them in Microsoft Word using digital scrapbooking. It was done by inserting circles (under shapes) then inserting digital alphabet and pictures I bought/downloaded from different internet sites. Email me if you'd like more details! :)