Saturday, September 15, 2012

Baylor Game!

I have sooo many blogs to catch up on, but until that actually happens here's a quick recap of our evening in pictures!

We went to the Baylor versus SHSU football game with Maddie, my mom and little sister. For not getting a good nap before hand and not having much to do, Maddie did a great job! She was quite the center of attention...I mean how can you watch the game when she's this stinkin' cute?!

Baylor won, which stung my Bearkat heart a little. ;) This was a tough game since I'm quite divided. I've come to root for Baylor at any other time but SHSU was my alma mater. I wore a Baylor t-shirt and a SHSU sweatshirt when it got cold. I felt like a traitor, but it was the only way I could be there for both teams. (Sorry, I felt like I had to defend myself a bit). Haha

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