Friday, July 1, 2011

One Month Old!

Oh my goodness, Madison! I can't believe you are already a month old! Our lives have already changed significantly, yet I can't imagine life without you! I never thought I could be happier or love someone so much so fast!! You have taken over, and we love every bit of it.
According to my at-home measurements, you weight in at around 9 pounds and are a whopping 22 inches long! You've grown 2 1/2 inches in a month! Somehow I have a feeling you're going to be tall like your mommy and daddy. Now I understand why you seem to be a bottomless pit, constantly wanting more milk!! You've earned the nickname "baby bird" by the way you are searching for food once you decide you're hungry. It's quite funny, though somehow I don't think you agree.
You are getting so strong too! You have surprised us all with how good you are at holding your head up and looking around. You've really started focusing on us and other things. I love when you just stare at me, like you're telling me how much you love makes my heart melt! The other day you even did a little forearm push-up at tummy time. Before we know it you'll be running around the house, but let's hold off on that a little while so I can get some extra baby time in, ok?
So about this sleeping thing you have going on. For about the first 2 weeks, I was lucky to get you to sleep 2 hours straight day or night. I thank God for adrenaline or I don't think I'd be able to remember much of the last month. You completely had your days and nights switched. I tried taking you out a lot during the day, but you would just sleep through the outting. I'll tell you what, as long as your cries don't mean "I'm hungry," you stop immediately once that car gets going (that was our saving grace on our road trip to Oklahoma). Still though, it seems you've decided you'll swith them when you're good and ready. (Somehow I feel like we're getting a glimpse into your teenage years- yikes!) A lot of your sleep problems are due to your reflux and gassiness. Even with your medicine, we can tell you suffer from it a lot, but I promise- you'll grow out of it soon. One way we can get you to sleep a lot is if you are on mommy or daddy's chest- then you can sleep forever! You must love us or something! :)
I love this little half smile, even if it is completely due to gas and pooping. You do it so much, so you are either super gassy (which you are) or a very happy baby, so maybe it's a combination of both! Speaking of laughing, even within your first week of life, while you sleep you sometimes get the biggest open-mouthed smile and let out the cutest giggle! It cracks us up!! We imagine you dreaming of a land with flowing waterfalls of milk or something. I don't think anything else makes you that happy, besides us of course (though I still think we are currently second to milk).

We love you more than words can say, Maddie!! God bessed us abundantly, and I can't wait for the coming days to see what adventures you take us on!


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