Monday, January 3, 2011

Belly Pics & Pregnancy!

So, I have been a major blogging slacker! I had a Christmas party that I forgot to take pictures at, and as I was packing away the last box of Christmas decorations, I realized I had not taken 1 single picture of the house! I am so mad at myself! I better get better at this taking pictures thing when the baby gets here!

Anyhow, enough of the anger and frustration, and onto more exciting things! The pregnancy is going GREAT! I seriously feel so lucky about how easy it has been (knock on wood since I'm only almost 1/2 way done). But so far I have had very little morning sickness (which is now totally gone) and have experienced little other "symptoms" of pregnancy. My baby bump really popped out over Christmas break which has been sad on my clothes but exciting for us to get to actually see that something's growing in there! Here are the belly pics up until now:
We have our next BIG appointment in a week- Tuesday the 11th- where we will be finding out if little June Bug is a girl or a boy! (Keep a prayer going for us that his/her little legs aren't closed). ;)

I'll be back soon with the great pink or blue news and to share my nursery ideas...that's the really fun part- for me anyway!

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  1. Yeah!! I was just thinking today that I needed to see some belly pics. You look great and I am SO excited for your big appointment coming up! I'm still thinking pink. :) Can't wait to hear the news, and see nursery ideas! Miss you!

  2. You look adorable! Glad to hear that this pregnancy is treating you well!

  3. You're all a glow!! Congrats again and I love her name!!